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LaPointe Seiwerath
LaPointe Seiwerath


Week 4 - Color


Monday 4/27

  • History of Color

  • Color Wheel

- printable activities

Color Wheel Worksheets

- video links

Color Theory Basics I

Color Wheel Tutorial

The Chemistry of Color

Little Big History of Paint

Friday 5/1

  • Mixing Color


- printable activities

Art with angles

- links

Color Psychology

- video links

Color Mixing Game

Paint by Number App

extra credit~

Making your own scratch paper


Week 3 - French Word, Italian Genius & Proportion

Monday 4/20

  • Trompe l'oeil

  • Foreshortening

- printable activities

Foreshortening Worksheets

- video links

Trompe l'oeil Basics

44 Work Trompe l'oeil

Foreshortening Drawing Tutorial

Friday 4/24

  • Proportions


- printable activities

Body & Face Proportion Sheets

- video links

Proportion Drawing Tips

Using Pencil to Make Proportions

extra credit~

Create an Automatic Drawing

Automatic Drawing Technique


Week 2 - Linear Perspective

Wednesday 4/15

  • Two Point Perspective


- printable activities

Two Point Perspective Activity


- video links

Blending Color Pencils

Drawing Room in 2pt. Perspective

Luca Tedde - 3D Makeup Artist


Week 1 - Drawing

Monday 4/6

  • Weekly Theme Intro

  • Materials Overview

  • Turning 2D into 3D


- printable activities

3D Shape Hunt

Pencil Control

Drawing Reflected Shapes

Lines of Symmetry

- video links

Infamous Number 2 Pencil

Understanding Pencil Grades

Making Marks

Norman Rockwell Documentary

Friday 4/17

  • Three Point Perspective 


- printable activities

Drawing Street Scenes

Three Point Perspective & Coloring

- video links

History of Perspective in Art

2pt. vs. 3pt. Perspective

Drawing 3pt. Perspective

Great Illusion Drawings - MC Escher

extra credit

Printable 3D Forms

*print, color, fold & tape.

try and print on colored paper?

try and make a hanging mobile?

Friday 4/10

  • Review Activities

  • Intro to Linear Perspective 


- printable activities

Linear Perspective (12 pages)

- video links

Still Life Composition Tips

Top 5 Shading Mistakes

Introduction to Linear Perspective

John Singer Sargent Documentary


- material list for next week

  *same as this week including  a ruler

extra credit~

*set up & draw a still life.

using household items try and include 'rule of thirds', 'rule of odds', highlights, mid-tones, core shadow, reflected light & cast shadow.


Week 5 - Art History & Painting Techniques

Monday 5/4

  • Art History I

  • Types of Paint

- printable activities

Art History Timeline

Cinco de Mayo Coloring Sheets

- video links

Art History I

Types of Brushes

Types of Paint

Types of Paper


Week 6 - Print Making - History & Techniques

Monday 5/11

  • Origins of Printing Press

  • Types of Printmaking


- printable activities

Make Your Own Comic Book

Make Your Own Playing Cards

- video links

J. Gutenberg & the Printing Press

Four Main Types of Print Making

History of Playing Cards

Wednesday 5/13

  • Albrecht Durer

  • Hokusai


- printable activities

- video links

Albrecht Durer - Quick Bio

Albrecht Durer : 153 Paintings

Friday 5/15

- printable activities

Me On The Map


- activity links

Since 2000: Printmaking Now

Fantasy Map Tutorial

- video links

Brief History of Cartography & Maps

How to Draw a Map - Step by Step

extra credit